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Welcome to B2B Corporates Services

We’ve built solid B2B collaboration with many reputable corporations from diverse industries.

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Our Brand

We provide innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses like yours. Our mission is simple: to help you succeed. Let's achieve greatness together.
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Advantages Collaborating with Us

Furthermore a splendid taste of our products, you can get this satisfaction from us:

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Customized Products

We offer white-label products that specific to your needs. Other than that, co-branding opportunity is another initiative to collaborate. You can get an exclusive product to present to your business relation

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Meet Your Budget

Build fabulous products at your budgets and still provide high-quality products to fit your business needs. We can recommend the right products to grow your business as well

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Wide Range Products

We produce a variety of product formats from frozen to ready to eat, such as cake, bread, hampers, and many more. We also provide healthy choice products like gluten free or less sugar

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Catch us at your fingertips through the button below and let’s collaborate!

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Jl Suryo No 39, Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan


Ph. +62 812 3466 9629

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